Why do you need a website?

This is not a question to encourage or discourage you from establishing a website for your company.  We assume by the fact you are here that you require a website (it is our opinion that most business owners do). Our real question, more accurately worded, is: What specifically is it about a website that will benefit your company?

By establishing, ranking, and understanding the implications of specific goals for your website, we can best help you achieve them.

Selecting appropriate domain names -- ones that will do work for you -- is critical to the success of your online business image.Typically, the best results-yielding domain names are a combination of "searchable" and relevant words to your company name and product.

In addition to purchasing the domain name (URL) for your website, you also need to secure the website space -- where the actual files will reside for your site. EDI prefers to use Bluehost.com for all new customers and transfer customers. Bluehost offers a low-cost, yet high-quality hosting package that satisfies most business needs.

One goal of this website is to expose you to the key topics of "inbound marketing" and get you headed in the right direction in successfully promoting your business online. We do not aim to convince you that we know everything or came up with all of these ideas ourselves. There is a massive wealth of information out there about how to promote your company online and it can get confusing and frustrating to pare down to what can or should be important to you.The best course will be slightly different for each company -- depending on your business focus and goals -- and many small business owners have been known to throw in the online marketing towel.

We love crunching numbers and analyzing data. To monitor the activity and productivity of your website, Google Analytics has taken the guesswork out of gathering that data. For every site we create and manage, we install the code as provided by Google Analytics and will help you figure out what parameters mean the most for your business. By understanding the baseline performance statistics of your website, we can help identify areas of potential improvement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major buzzword in the online world and can be a major buzz-kill if you don't understand the potential and limitations in your web presence.